Honeymooners on the beach

The #1 Secret of the Church:

A Letter from  Pastor Chuck Swindoll

This is no time to simply wait and pray... Please join me in this battle for our young minds, our marriages, our leaders, and our churches.  


About Mike Maxwell and The Purity Driven Life

Isn't that a beautiful picture of my wife and I? We were  in Cabo San Lucas on our honeymoon. Looking at that picture you might be tempted to make some assumptions about me as a man. You already know I put together this website, a blog  and that I wrote a book called "The Purity Driven Life". I also spent 7 years on staff at an influential 4,000+ member church here in Portland Oregon. God has definitely given me plenty of blessings and opportunity. You might think I'm some kind of spiritual guru, pastor type that has had an easy life. But you would be wrong.

What you don't know...

I've been a sex addict most of my life and I was addicted to pornography while I was on church staff. I have no children of my own (one of my biggest regrets) and I've been divorced twice. I consider the majority of my life a failure, absorbed in my own self-centered-ness and pain.

...but Jesus changed everything.

The turning point began with a simple prayer, but the real spiritual battle hit me like a bus when I found myself living in a hotel over the Christmas Holidays trying to hide my addiction and failing marriage from my parents, in-laws, friends, co-workers and church family. 

It was this crisis that God used to show

me how much he loved me.

Within a year I lost my wife and step daughter to my second divorce. God had my attention like never before. Over the next few years he taught me how much he hates sexual sin and how it is destroying the church, his bride. He showed me it is his desire that the men and women of  church be free from this sin, and they MUST be. The book "The Purity Driven Life" came out of this experience.


The book is not my story or my testimony,

but what God taught me.

In the years since, I have remarried to a beautiful kindergarten teacher who loves Jesus with all her heart. And amazingly, she loves me too, even after my past! She has  4 children, 3  of which (all girls) live with us! I served as a Director at Pure Life Alliance (www.purelifealliance.org) until 2017, currently lead a purity group each week and am involved in purity ministry at my home church, Good Shepherd Christian Church in Boring Oregon.

God redeems broken lives and there is hope if you are willing to repent and enter the fight. If not, it will cost you more than you can imagine. The Purity Driven Life is about your destiny as a man of godly character and integrity. Come join the battle. You aren't alone in this struggle.

Before I went through suffering, I went down the wrong path. But now I obey your word. Psalm 119: 67

Fight. Every. Day.