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A Passion for Purity

By Pastor Alistair Begg

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

Sexual Temptation

By David White & Family Life Today

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

Satan Uses Sexual Desire

By Pastor John Piper

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

The Forbidden Fruit

By Pastor John Piper

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

The Porn Path

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

Such were some of you

By Pastor Joshua Harris

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

The first dark exchange: Idolatry      By Pastor John Piper

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

Battling the unbelief of Lust

By Pastor John Piper

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

The Uniqueness of  Sexual Sin By Dr. John Nuefeld

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell


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Recommended Books

Sex Men and God

Sex Men and God by Doug Weiss ****+

The author approaches the consequences of using sex inappropriately from a biblical yet analytical leaning that some reported as more clinical than other books listed here. I personally found it to be an excellent resource that made some very interesting and important points that I haven't seen made by many of the other writers on this subject. It is a great book for group study and I think should be read by every man who is serious about dealing with sexual sin in his life.

Pure Desire by Ted Roberts ****+

The reveiws from the men in our PLA group were unanimous, everyone enjoyed this book. Ted writes like a good pastor preaches with loads of personal stories that reveal his pride and fear in dealing with, not only his sin but in surrendering to Christ. Although this book wasn't as clinically educational as some, it is practically educational. It is easy to relate to Ted's stories and will encourage the reader to  get vulnerable with the other guys in a group discussion. I think this book will be a considered a classic must read 20 years from now.

Fatal Attractions by Jack Hayford ****

Another book I read on my own. You can't go wrong with a great teacher like Jack Hayford. This was an easy and enjoyable read and although we haven't used it for our Pure Life group I can easily recommend it! Pastor Hayford explains why sex sins are worse than others, not because they are harder for God to forgive, but because they are more damaging at personal and interpersonal levels. With straightforward yet compassionate insight, Hayford speaks to those who have indulged in or been wounded by sexual immorality, as well as to those who minister to them.

The Purity Principle by Randy Alcorn ****

Randy is such a prolific writer that you know before you buy this book that the content will be solid.  He covers the topic with a fairly broad brush hitting most of the major areas that we need to be aware of and this would be another good book for a men's group study and to facilitate conversation. I found this book really easy to read and was surprised at how quickly I devoured it. I have a feeling my mind travels along similar thought trails as the author which is why I found it so easy to read. He was preaching to the choir!

Taking every Thought Captive by Mark Laaser *****

This is a another book we read through in our Pure Life Group. Mark Laaser is a wealth of knowledge in the area of sexual issues. This not a big book but it is loaded with  nuts and bolts practical application and strategy in taking your thoughts captive. The reviews from the group were good. I highly recommend this book as this is one of the most difficult yet crucial and foundational areas in our spiritual battle for purity.

The Last Addiction by Sharon Hersh *****

This book is a personal favorite of mine. I bought it after hearing the author on Focus on the Family one morning. Although the author addresses addiction in general, speaking from her own battle with alcoholism and from her experience as a counselor, she gets right to the heart of all addictions which is the addiction to our own pride and selfishness. The reason I liked it so much is that it had a very insightful "devotional" feel that stirred my soul.  It was one of those books that I was kind of sad to finish, I highly recommend this book.

Recommended Podcasts

Man in field

Part 1

By John Piper

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

Man in field

Part 2

By John Piper

Recommended  by Mike Maxwell

Part One: What Is the Meaning of "Under Law" and "Under Grace"? For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace. What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace?

Part Two: What does the Bible mean when it says" Sin shall not be master over you?" Why does being "under grace" guarantee that sin will not master us?

  Free from Sin, Slaves of Righteousness

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Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction by Mark Laaser *****

One of the first books we shared for discussion in our Pure Life group. Mark Laaser is rock solid and one of the most well known and respected experts in the field of sex addicition. I learned so much and the group really enjoyed it as well. He helps to identify what sex addiction is, the building blocks of sex addiction, how it can be healed and how the church is in need of addressing this sin and dealing with it. I highly recommend this book.