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"The Purity Driven Life is a much needed wake-up call for men of today's Church..."

"The author brings it honestly and with conviction..."

" I'd recommend this book to any man, not just those who may be struggling with pornography..."

"...a powerful reflection on and a call to live a life of union with God"

"...a beautiful addition to inspirational Christian literature, a reminder of God’s invitation to everyone to live in His image by embracing a life of purity..."

"This book offers a practical guide on how to win one’s freedom from sexual sin and to live a life that is pure and dedicated to God..."

"...with pertinent references to the Bible and other authors, Mike Maxwell has created a tool that many readers will want to use..."

"...is as timely and relevant to today’s society as it has ever been in human history..."

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Book The Purity Driven Life

The Purity Driven Life

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