Why Pray...

There is a great power in stopping your processes though out the day, to consciously bring ones self back to the present moment and in quiet stillness acknowledge that Christ is in you. In these moments our spirits can exercise faith in God's love and desire to keep us from sin. In these moments we can cease from our striving and mentally kneel at the feet of our savior and give gratitude for the moment too acknowledge our position in Him.

Although you might not consider this prayer in the "formal sense", I am telling you this type of prayer has had great impact on my life. How does this work? I call it prayer of presence and it starts slowly with the simple awareness, through out the day that we have been occupied by life to such a degree that we are not really "here". Maybe have been anticipating the future, we have been returning phone calls or planning our strategy on making the next sale or fulfilling the needs of our clients, or the needs of our children. What ever you do it is likely that you spend much of your time living 3 steps ahead of your body. If your mind is 3 steps ahead of your body....you are there, not here.

As you move through the day and find yourself recognizing that you have been "there" not "here" consciously bring yourself back to the present. Here are a few suggestions on how to come back to now.

  • Notice the air you are breathing - every time you walk out of a building into the open air, notice the air. Is it cool or warm? What do you smell? Can you feel it on your skin? Is it dry or humid.

  • Look at the sky - Is it cloudy? Notice the clouds. Is it blue? Is it beautiful?

  • Take notice of something around you...colors, smells, sounds etc.

I think you get the idea. I know this may sound silly but you will be surprised at the effect this will have on your life, especially if you take the next step. Once you have brought yourself back to the present. Now begin to speak to God. Here are a few quick suggestions:

  • Find something to tell him thank-you for. Express gratitude to him: for the air you breathe, for a job if you have one, people who love you, for people you love. Gratitude breeds gratitude.

  • Remind him that he is first in your life and if he is not, ask him to change the desires of your heart so that he becomes the priority of your life.

Through out the day take moments to come back to the present and recognize the life in and around you and speak to God. This is really a simple exercise of faith. Faith can only be exercised in the present moment. And taking a moment to rest in the present is a small way to stay anchored to Christ through out the day.


  1. Do you find yourself consumed with worry?

  2. Do you find you mind is "3 steps" ahead of your body?

  3. What are some ways that you can build these moments of prayer into your day?

  4. Can you tell God 5 things you are grateful for right now?

Fight! Every. Day.


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