Becoming worthless...

"The people of Israel had also secretly done many things that were not pleasing to the lord their God...Yes, they worshiped idols, despite the lord’s specific and repeated warnings...They worshiped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves." 2 Kings 17

An Idol is anything that is placed above our obedience to God and adherence to his law. And no idol is more magnified than sex in America. The recent rulings on gay marriage is the culmination of evidence regarding how desensitized we have become to sexual sin. And the world celebrates.

It is easy to be appalled and horrified at the sin of others, or the sin we don't personally struggle with or the sin we pretend we don't struggle with. But the reality is the men of the christian church ARE struggling, and they are hiding it. The church is riddled with sexual sin. Statistics prove it...we just do our best to hide it and avoid talking about it. Like the verse above, we practice our sin secretly, careful not to let anyone know. But God knows and God sees.

We are so foolish to think that the sin that we practice secretly is covered by grace so we don't need to expose it or deal radically in overcoming our bondage to it. The real reason we hide our sin has nothing to do with grace and everything to do with pride. Gay pride is about celebrating sin openly and applauding it. Our pride is about keeping our sin hidden to manage appearances.

Whether sin is openly displayed or hidden God hates them both and both are driven by pride and arrogance. And both will bring the consequences promised by God. In 2 Kings the Israelite's are handed over to their enemies because of their un-repented sin, the sin they practiced in secret. Over and over God called them to repent and rid themselves of the idols they worshiped but they refused.

  • What idol are you refusing to expose in your life?

  • If you are refusing to expose it...why?

  • If you continue to hide your sin are you willing to accept the consequences?

For be sure of this: that no person practicing sexual vice or impurity in thought or in life, or one who is covetous [who has lustful desire for the property of others and is greedy for gain]—for he [in effect] is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Ephesians 5:5

Fight! Every. Day.


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Our Purpose

The Purity Driven Life ministry exists to provide encouragement to the men, women and families of the christian church who are struggling with sexual sin, no matter the orientation, age or office and to provide individual and organizational resources  and assistance in preparing the church to walk out a Purity Driven Life that honors Christ.

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