Prove Yourself By...

We prove ourselves by our purity, our understanding, our patience, our kindness, by the Holy Spirit within us, and by our sincere love...God’s power is working in us. We use the weapons of righteousness in the right hand for attack and the left hand for defense (2 Corinthians 6:6,7)

As a Christian man the verse above caught my attention. A few phrases in particular."...We prove ourselves by....God's power working in us...We use the weapons of righteousness in..."

1) The first thing mentioned is our purity, then understanding, patience, kindness and love. Purity is a battle every man must face especially in our lust ridden culture. If we don't deal with this sin we are not able to fight in this war in the power o the Holy Spirit. The first step in becoming a man of god is a prayer of repentance.

2) Purity and all the other fruit of the Spirit come after we surrender in repentance. If we haven't surrendered, the outworking power and love of God is not available in and thru us. It will only work ON us to effect repentance to bring us to a place where we live in a progressively righteous life.

3) When we have surrendered and are walking with Christ in righteousness, THEN we get to enter this battle and we have the weapons of righteousness available to us. Anything less than this and we are men in anatomy only, and spiritually neutered ones at that.

Fight! Every. Day.


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Our Purpose

The Purity Driven Life ministry exists to provide encouragement to the men, women and families of the christian church who are struggling with sexual sin, no matter the orientation, age or office and to provide individual and organizational resources  and assistance in preparing the church to walk out a Purity Driven Life that honors Christ.

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